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Guaranteed Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO

At JAN-PRO?, we’re so confident in your satisfaction that we actually guarantee it. Our guaranteed cleaning services give you total peace of mind when it comes to workplace cleaning and hygiene. The JAN-PRO guarantee offers the assurance of a truly spotless clean, along with the extraordinary customer service that distinguishes our approach to commercial cleaning. Our guaranteed cleaning services are backed by our industry-leading cleaning systems, our high standards for cleaning quality, and our responsive philosophy of service.

The JAN-PRO Cleaning Service Guarantee

JAN-PRO guaranteed cleaning services offer confidence on every cleaning of your workplace. We strive to ensure exceptional results and a level of service consistency unique in the commercial cleaning industry. Under the JAN-PRO guarantee, we promise your complete satisfaction with the results of every cleaning. If you find any issues with the results of any cleaning, simply contact your JAN-PRO franchisee to report the issue. Your owner-operator will respond quickly and resolve the issue within one business day. If not, the next standard cleaning of your workplace will be performed free of charge.

JAN-PRO’s guaranteed cleaning services include all ongoing cleaning services, bringing peace of mind to offices, restaurants, retail stores, healthcare facilities, and practically any other type of business. Our guarantee has helped the JAN-PRO brand become the most trusted name in commercial cleaning, with industry-leading rates in customer retention and customer satisfaction.

What’s Behind the JAN-PRO Guarantee?

JAN-PRO guaranteed cleaning services are only possible because of the systems and standards that distinguish the JAN-PRO brand. These include the three systems at the core of our cleaning services:

Under these systems, our franchisees use smarter cleaning methods, advanced cleaning products, state-of-the art cleaning technologies, and detailed quality-control systems to ensure reliable results.

Just as important, our cleaning services are performed by JAN-PRO franchisees. As business owners, JAN-PRO franchisees go above-and-beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Our cleaners are always willing to go the extra mile, making sure that every square-inch of your facility meets JAN-PRO standards and exceeds your expectations.

Learn more about the guaranteed cleaning services offered by your local JAN-PRO franchisee and schedule a FREE cleaning service consultation by calling 866-355-1064 today.