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International Cleaning Franchise

Why Choose JAN-PRO?

As a JAN-PRO international master franchisor, you can become a leader in the world’s #1 cleaning franchise brand. Our two-tier international cleaning franchise model places each master franchisor squarely in charge of a high-potential territory.

Through the JAN-PRO franchise model, you’ll develop a network of single-unit franchise owners who become the driving force behind your business’ revenue stream. As a master franchisor, you will take care of executive-level responsibilities while your single-unit franchise owners provide cleaning services and attend to the needs and concerns of their clients. Put your leadership and executive skills to use in areas like marketing, training, and management, as you work to build a business with reliable revenue, healthy margins, and major long-term potential.

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Be the CEO of Your Own International Cleaning Franchise

JAN-PRO master franchisors are the CEOs of their own regional franchise companies. As a master franchisor, you’ll be backed by the experience, expertise, and resources of JAN-PRO’s international franchise executives. Meanwhile, you’ll be in charge of your own franchise company, offering a path to business ownership for budding entrepreneurs in your region.

Harness Recurring Revenue Streams

With JAN-PRO’s international model, you can build your business quickly through a network of recurring revenue streams. As a master franchisor, your revenue will come through one-time franchise purchasing fees for new single-unit franchise owners plus the royalties, support fees, upgrade fees, and insurance fees paid by franchise owners as they grow and operate their franchises. These recurring revenue streams make it possible to build your business quickly and sustain your business for years to come.

Join the World’s #1 Janitorial Brand

The JAN-PRO brand and JAN-PRO franchise model boast a number of unique benefits for international master franchisors. As an international master franchisor, you’ll have exclusive access to your territory. With the JAN-PRO brand, you’ll benefit from the strongest customer guarantee in the commercial cleaning industry, along with one of the strongest customer retention rates in our sector, giving you an edge as you launch and build your business.
These benefits are a major part of why JAN-PRO has repeatedly been named the #1 commercial cleaning franchise company by Entrepreneur magazine.

Put Your Executive Skill Set to Work

As CEO of a JAN-PRO master franchise, your leadership skills and executive experience will drive your business’s success. As an international master franchise owner, you will head a full-fledged franchise company, offering business opportunities to hard-working prospective business owners in your region.

The JAN-PRO international franchise model is founded on our core belief that exceptional cleaning services don’t come from hourly, contract cleaners — they come from entrepreneurs whose businesses depend on quality cleaning and quality service. By recruiting the right franchise owners and giving them the resources they need to thrive, you’ll position your master franchise business for long-term success.

Jan-Pro is an International Cleaning Franchise
A JAN-PRO Testimonial

“We’re the only major franchise system in the French Canadian market with over 800 Unit franchisees from coast-to-coast. We have seen an annual growth rate of 10 percent in the last five years, and we are very proud of this accomplishment.” -Jean Roberge, JAN-PRO of Canada

A JAN-PRO Testimonial

“JAN-PRO’s unique EnviroShield disinfectant system combats bacteria and infectious diseases which can disrupt business operations. It’s helped us to quickly differentiate ourselves from others and build the brand’s reputation among our clients.”

-Riaz Rafiq, JAN-PRO Australia and New Zealand

A JAN-PRO Testimonial

What I’ve seen in JAN-PRO is they have systems

“What I’ve seen in JAN-PRO is they have systems in place to help us. There’s phone numbers we can call, an operational coach and IT help. So you have all those systems on the back end that help you with the brand and be successful. Not every system has that, but JAN-PRO absolutely does.” -Alison and James Mairet, JAN-PRO of Kansas City