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Executive Franchising Opportunities

Why?a JAN-PRO Franchise?

With JAN-PRO, you will be a part of the #1 commercial cleaning franchise company in the world. As an experienced executive, you can apply your leadership and business management skills directly to building your own business. Our unique two-tiered franchise model gives you the opportunity to run a business and develop a local team of single-unit franchise owners who care for their customers’ cleaning needs. This approach lets you drive business growth via marketing, training and business management while your local franchise owners deliver exceptional customer service and cleaning services to commercial clients. This will allow you to build long-term value while providing a path to small business ownership for others who might never have thought it possible to be business owners.

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Executive Managed Business

JAN-PRO offers the opportunity to be the CEO of your own franchise company. Backed by a team of industry-leading franchise executives, you will build your very own franchise business and run your own company using your experience and management skills.

Build Your Business Quickly with Recurring Revenue Streams

JAN-PRO has a recurring revenue model, so as a regional master franchisor, you will make money in multiple ways. You will collect one-time fees when you award unit franchises, including upgrade fees as your franchise owners want to take on additional business. ?You will collect recurring revenue in monthly support fees, royalties, insurance fees and supply fee revenues. You also facilitate the cash flow with customers and then you pay the franchise owners at the end of the following month. There is about a 45-day cash float in the business.

Be Part of the #1 Brand in the Industry

JAN-PRO is consistently ranked as the #1 commercial cleaning brand by Entrepreneur Magazine. With one of the most substantial earnings claims in franchising, and the strongest customer guarantee in the commercial cleaning arena, JAN-PRO offers the opportunity to obtain an exclusive territory and dominate the competition from the start of your business. Our average regional master franchisor enjoys a $1,221,760 annual gross profit. See Item 19 in our 2018 Franchise Disclosure Document.

Re-Purpose your Executive Level Skill Set

JAN-PRO allows you to re-purpose your leadership, business management, sales and marketing experiences as you build your own business. JAN-PRO regional master franchise owners develop and support a local team of single-unit franchise owners who provide exceptional JAN-PRO cleaning services. Unlike other commercial cleaning companies, we believe that people who own a commercial cleaning business are more dedicated to quality service than those who are simply working for a paycheck. To initially build your business, you’ll need to find the right franchise owners and educate them on the benefits of starting their own JAN-PRO franchise business. Instead of spending time hiring hourly or weekly cleaning crews, regional master franchise owners award unit franchises to franchise owners who directly service the commercial cleaning needs of their clients.

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A JAN-PRO Testimonial

“We’re the only major franchise system in the French Canadian market with over 800 Unit franchisees from coast-to-coast. We have seen an annual growth rate of 10 percent in the last five years, and we are very proud of this accomplishment.” -Jean Roberge, JAN-PRO of Canada

A JAN-PRO Testimonial

“JAN-PRO’s unique EnviroShield disinfectant system combats bacteria and infectious diseases which can disrupt business operations. It’s helped us to quickly differentiate ourselves from others and build the brand’s reputation among our clients.”

-Riaz Rafiq, JAN-PRO Australia and New Zealand

A JAN-PRO Testimonial

What I’ve seen in JAN-PRO is they have systems

“What I’ve seen in JAN-PRO is they have systems in place to help us. There’s phone numbers we can call, an operational coach and IT help. So you have all those systems on the back end that help you with the brand and be successful. Not every system has that, but JAN-PRO absolutely does.” -Alison and James Mairet, JAN-PRO of Kansas City