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Business Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO

JAN-PRO? business cleaning services bring a pristine clean to offices, retail stores, banks, auto dealerships, and other businesses. Businesses rely on JAN-PRO for our custom cleaning plans, our industry-leading cleaning standards, and our exclusive suite of cleaning products and technologies. They also rely on our commitment to above-and-beyond service. Our business cleaning services are performed by JAN-PRO owner-operators — not contract cleaners — so the person performing your services will always provide an exceptional clean.

Cleaning Services Built for Modern Business

No matter what type of business you operate, JAN-PRO cleaning services will deliver a deeper, healthier clean. We offer a complete range of business cleaning services, designed around industry-specific cleaning needs. This way, our services are built to address the unique cleaning concerns and priorities of your industry. We then customize our services for each client, creating a cleaning plan tailored to your business and workplace. Whether you run a small office, a restaurant, an auto-dealership, or any other type of business, JAN-PRO will deliver an exceptional clean.

Business cleaning services from JAN-PRO mean a healthier workplace and a healthier bottom line for your business. Our industry-leading standards give your workplace a polished, professional image, creating stronger first impressions with customers and clients. Your employees benefit from a more comfortable work environment, boosting worker morale and productivity. JAN-PRO cleaners are equipped with HEPA-filter vacuums, microfiber cleaning technology, and our proprietary EnviroShield? disinfection system, giving you an exceptionally hygienic workplace.

Why JAN-PRO Business Cleaning Services?

Choosing JAN-PRO business cleaning services ensures your workplace is cleaned using systems and products that set the standard for our industry. Simply put, no other cleaning company has the advantages offered by your local JAN-PRO. Exclusive JAN-PRO systems include:

These systems are backed by a collection of professional cleaning products and technologies that set the standard for the commercial cleaning industry.

With JAN-PRO, you also get a higher level of customer service from your cleaning provider. Our cleaning services are performed by JAN-PRO owner-operators. As business owners, JAN-PRO owner-operators go above and beyond to ensure their clients’ satisfaction. This ensures a deeper, healthier, more consistent clean for your workplace. It also allows your local JAN-PRO to guarantee your satisfaction on every cleaning we provide.

To learn more about the business cleaning services offered by your local JAN-PRO and book a FREE cleaning consultation by call 866-355-1064 today.