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5 Spring Cleaning Tips from Office Cleaning Experts

Over the course of the work year, your workplace acquires its fair share of dust, dirt, and clutter. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to reorganize, refresh, and tidy up your workplace. So, to help you make the most of workplace spring cleaning this year, here are five tips from the office cleaning experts at JAN-PRO?.

1. Make Spring Cleaning a Team Effort

A laissez-faire approach to spring cleaning can leave you with a dirty workplace and a demoralized team. While some employees will happily tackle spring cleaning on their own, others are likely to do a sloppy job, procrastinate, or skip the job entirely. You can avoid this by making spring cleaning a team effort, setting aside time when all staff are given the chance to tidy their workspaces.

2. Set Aside Time for Office Cleaning

Spring cleaning — like dieting, exercising, or your next trip to the dentist — is easy to put off. In too many offices, spring cleaning is perpetual “next week” project throughout the spring. When summer arrives, “next week” turns into “next year.” Prevent this from happening by setting a firm time and date. Plan ahead for the least busy time of the week, and consider breaking different cleaning projects across different dates.

3. Perform a Digital Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just a good time for tidying the office. It’s also a good time for tidying your digital files. Three key areas you’ll want to pay attention to include your email inbox, your computer’s desktop, and cloud files used by the whole office. If re-organizing all of your existing files is too big of a project, consider re-organizing your most recent and important files, then archiving any files from before a certain date.

4. Don’t Skip the Biggest Spring Cleaning Tasks

Every office has a number of important cleaning tasks that need to be performed at least once a year. These jobs may be time-consuming, cost-intensive, or unpleasant to do, but it’s critical that they get done. So, make sure that your biggest cleaning tasks — deep-cleaning your carpets and upholstery, wiping down walls, cleaning lights, cleaning vents and air ducts — aren’t forgotten.

5. Plan Ahead with Your Cleaning Service

Most offices handle their own tidying and reorganizing. Meanwhile, other cleaning tasks are typically handled by the office cleaning service. Successful workplace spring cleaning depends on planning ahead with your office cleaning service. Speak with your cleaning service provider early so that you have plenty of time to plan for spring cleaning, find time for deep-cleaning services, and schedule any specialty cleaning services your workplace may need.

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